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Learning and Purposeful Living

Why Choose BCEC- Schools

Not every school provides what we do. The way we handle our pupils from the gate, keeps the children yearning to always come back the next morning

Stimulant Education

We give pupils what they want, guide them in the right path, which they never depart when they graduate from us.

Performing Arts

From the word go, we teach our pupils that life is not just in books, but through music, dance and drama, we awake their inborn talent.

Best Feeding

The meals we provide to our pupils are top notch. We are not afraid to say that we give them meals which are better than what they eat at home Home Away From Home Once our student enter the gate, its impossible for them to distinguish between home-home and school-home, our loving teachers give them the comfort that they cant miss when away from their parents.

Physical education

Our pupils learn swimming, Athletics, Acrobatics, and a variety of games, customized to the pupils' ability.

We have a culture that doesn't segregate regardless of religion, class, physical ability, family background, among others.