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Our Elementary Section

This section usually consists of students from P.1 to P.7. The learning process, is often practical, providing many different opportunities to explore and consolidate a given concept. A major part of that process is repetition and consolidation. We discuss the learning with the children in terms of them Beginning, Developing or Mastering a new skill.The children will be introduced to new activities and concepts which will require a greater concentration and increasing independence.Children learn in whole-class, group, paired and individual sessions. During some learning, there will be opportunities for mixed groups across the year. Each child is encouraged to reach their potential.

The Elementary Program
Our team of highly experienced international educators work together collaboratively to develop the Programme of Inquiry which is unique to Blessed Christian Education Center, with consideration given to our geographical location in the outskirts of Uganda. We are proud to offer subject lessons taught by specialist teachers, which are interwoven into the programme through the Trans-disciplinary nature of the programme. This is an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, which results in students having the skills to be able to question the world in which they live. They grow up as confident individuals, with their own opinions and are able to reflect on learning with a critical perspective.

Requirements for Elementary School

Registration Fee – 30,000/=
Transition from BCEC- Pre-Primary(Top Class) – 50,000/=
Library Fee(One Time)
P.1 to P.4 -> 30,000/=
P.5 to P.7 -> 100,000/=
Black School Shoes
White Sports Shoes
School Bag
School Uniform
140,000/= – Single Pair with sweater
200,000/= – Two Pairs with Sports Wear
Birth Certificate/Immunization Card
3 passport photos for the child
2 passport photos for the Parent/Guardian
Junior Bible (25,000/= paid at school)
Swimming Costume
Boarding Section – 1,110,000/=
Under 5KM – 160,000/=
6-10KM – 200,000/=
School Fees (Club fee, Stationary & Feeding inclusive)
P.1 to P.4 -> 760,000/=
P.5 to P.7 -> 800,000/=

What it Takes to Join The Blessed Family
we appreciate that children join Blessed Christian Education Center from different backgrounds and circumstances and, in exceptional cases, a child will be placed in a different year group than their age warrants. All applicants are normally interviewed by the head teacher or deputy head prior to being offered a Vacancy at BCEC and their decision regarding placement of a child will be final.

What it takes to join The Blessed Family
The process of becoming part of our team is as simple as 123. We have got two channels that you can use.
1). The use of this website. Make sure you have all the requirements listed here for the Kindergarten or any other Section.
Then go to Enroll Now Button to complete the entire registration Online.
2). The second option is when you visit the school directly and register from there.
Upon Completion of any of the above steps, you then pay full school fees, and upon confirmation of the payment, We shall then confirm your Admission.