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Blessed Christian Education Center is a privately owned school and it began its operations way back in 2018 in the month of February. It is located in Mubende along the Fort-portal high way. It is an institution built on Christian values where diversity is well enshrined in its mandate to achieve.


The school highly promotes the Core Mandate of Educational Excellence through the three major pillars of Social discipline, Moral Discipline and Academic Discipline in addition to the Life Skills Empowerment that is propelled by the practical teaching of the various subjects. These enable the child have a Holistic Approach to life and its Values as he/she looks forward to serve the nation with a Blessed mind. This aspiration is derived from one of the schools liners, “Blessed Minds Shape the World”.

The project is in line with government efforts to establish as many pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and Vocational schools as possible so that many children get access to education. Quality basic education is very important to even the poor children. People of Uganda constitute empowerment; and it is one of the tools that will empower the country in different aspects of the war against poverty.
We are a standard private school that will be predominantly funded through tuition fees and levies from students and of course from Grants and other private sources that may have a Heart to Educate the African Child.

Blessed Christian Education Center is a client-focused and result driven private school that provides broad-based learning approaches and experience at an affordable fee that won’t in any way put a hole in the pockets of our clients, students and parents alike.

We offer and will continue to offer standard and professional teaching services in a highly secured and conducive learning environment to all our students i.e. Kindergarten, Primary, secondary and Vocational Studies Vis-à-vis, Early Childhood Development Programme.

The programme will therefore target youths out of school with a minimum qualification of UCE or its equivalent.
This training will enable Nursery Teachers acquire the best knowledge and skills for teaching competently in Pre- Primary Schools; be self- reliant by supplementing their salaries with income from additional vocational skills, and contribute to the schools’ self- reliance using the same skills.


  • We will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass all our students’ expectations and educational goals whenever they enroll in our tutorial college.
  • At Blessed Christian Education Center, our students’ overall best interest always comes first, and everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics.
  • We will ensure that we continue to hire professional educationists together with teachers in various subjects who are well experienced and passionate in imparting knowledge and Christian values to students at various learning ladders.
  • Blessed Christian Education Center will at all-times demonstrate her commitment to sustainability, both individually and as an educational organization, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible.

The Government of Uganda requires effective teaching in all educational institutions to start with the basic education offered from pre- Primary and Primary Schools. Yet this cannot be achieved when most of the Pre- Primary schools currently lack professionally trained teachers and are unsustainable financially and in welfare.
Furthermore, those teaching at the moment are dissatisfied with their payment which often comes too little and too late, and have no other means of sustaining themselves economically. This scenario therefore calls for a fundamental change in teacher training from the traditional single- skill training to integrated multi- skill training with other appropriate vocational skills enabling teachers both sustain themselves and contribute to the welfare of their schools. For instance, schools should not procure instructional materials, uniforms, etc, when and where the same can be made and provided by the teachers.

School Projects

The school is currently running a number of school projects that range from Farming, liquid soap making, jelly skin Vaseline, briquette making, home economics, paper bag making, hand bag production, computer repairs and maintenance, graphics designing, art and craft products and fashion and design. These will help our students to be more productive and innovative as they look forward to becoming the world changers through innovation and creativity as they get to be the Blessed Minds that will shape the world.

Student Clubs

At BCEC, students belong to at least a club of their choice, so as to complement their sporting endeavours i.e. Scouting, Red Cross, Wildlife, Scripture Union, Debating, Media Club among others.